Made with Xara © Blizzardnet Webhosting 2010 You probably use the Internet everyday, sometimes without even realizing it. Your customers are doing the same thing, and there is a pretty good chance they have even searched for you on the Internet. How are you going to get discovered, you need a website. Notice we said "need." With today's changing world a web presence is absolutely necessary to promote your products/services or simply keep in touch with those around you. When people start dealing with a new company, often the first thing they do is go to the companies website to learn more about them and you want to make a good first impression. We can help you to create your own presence on the internet with your own domain (i.e. and personalized e-mail address (i.e. It only takes minutes to get started. Simply click on the plans & pricing link to learn about our business and personal webhosting plans.  All of our plans include domain name registration, DNS hosting, and website hosting. Don’t think you need a website but want your own e-mail, we can help you with that too. Webmail Away from your computer and need to check your mail, login to our webmail service to check your account from anywhere in the world! Old fashioned service Even though we specialize in services that cover the entire world, we want to feel like a local business just down the street. We beleive in small towns, small businesses, and old fashioned service. If you are having any problems with your service, or just have some questions, please feel free to contact us.